Al Qaim Foundation


Alqaim foundation is an autonomous organization which is helping for the sufferers of blood related disorders, liver disorder and kidney disorder up to the supreme treatment that is transplant surgery. Additionally alqaim foundation is providing blood and blood related products for the patients of bleeding disorders i.e. thalassemia, hemophilia, von willebrand, glanzmann's thrombasthenia etc. Large number of patients are being facilitated on daily basis by provision of free treatment, free medicines and free medical advices. Through platform of alqaim foundation tremendous patients has been facilitated seeking bone marrow transplant, liver transplant and kidney transplant. Furthermore alqaim foundation is habituating in-hospital transfusion under supervision of medical experts. Alqaim foundation is providing patients with discounted facilities from well reputed labs for those who need their expensive blood tests and sonograms to be done. We have done many surgeries for the patients of splenomegaly which is an absolute complication of bleeding disorder.

How to donate us
Bank Habib Bank Limited - HBL.
Account title Al Qaim Medical Centre.
Account Number 0011867900256903
Branch Code 1186
Branch Address Circular Rd, Dhonkal, Gujranwala, Punjab
IBAN PK90 HABB 0011867900256903

Our team


Malik Zaheer ul Haq


Haji Sheikh Naseem


Late Hakeem Abdul Jabbar


Haji Ashraf


Dr Muhammad Arfat Ch Advocate

qamar manzoor

Dr. Qamar Manzoor

Mohammad Kashif

Mohammad Kashif

Abdul Kashif Latif Khan

Abdul Kashif Latif Khan

Atia Latif w/O Dr Mohamad Latif (late)

Atia Latif w/O (late) Dr Mohamad Latif
Ex principal islamia college lahore


Sajjad Saeed Minhas
Vice President


Dr. Salman Abdul Jabbar
Chief Executive Officer

Ali Hassan

Dr. Ali Hassan
Chief Operating Officer

umer farooq

Dr. Umer Farooq
Clinical head

How can you help us?

We are providing blood by doing camps in different colleges, universities and industries through volunteer donors. Blood collection and storage needs special blood storing bags. Afterwards certain blood tests Are being performed i.e., HIV, HBV, HCV, VDRL etc. In-hospital transfusion ward needs to be maintained for smooth blood transfusion
  1. You can donate blood.
  2. You can provoke your friends and family for blood donation.
  3. You can provide blood collection bags.
  4. You can donate money for specific blood test to be done before transfusion.
  5. You can donate money for the medicine.
  6. You can donate medicine directly.
  7. You can finance expenses of blood transfusion of patient for a month.
  8. You can donate for the maintenances of center.
  9. You can donate ambulance.
  10. You can finance thalassemia awareness seminar.
  11. You can finance HLA matching expenses for the bone marrow transplant candidates.
How to sponsor us
1 Patient Transfusion Rs. 10,000/-
5 Patient Transfusion Rs. 50,000/-
10 Patient Transfusion Rs. 1,00,000/-
20 Patient Transfusion Rs. 2,00,000/-