Al Qaim Foundation


Al Qaim Foundation is an organization which provides blood products to thalesemia, hemophilia and blood cancer patients,. it also helps needy patient for their surgical , medical treatments including major/minor operations like bone marrow transplant, liver transplant and kidney transplant.

About us

Al Qaim foundation is quiet mature organization which have been working for the welfare of humanity since years without any discrimination. Services in the form of surgical and medical treatment have been provided across different cities of Pakistan. Including medical and surgical treatments.

Objective of Alqaim foundation is to serve humanity at its max by utilizing all means of its medical and financial assistance regardless of race and religion. Additionally main objective revolves around provision of best medical treatment including BONEMARROW TRANSPLANT, KIDNEY TRANSPLANT and LIVER TRANSPLANT.

Tremendous amounts of facilities are being provided through the platform of alqaim foundation including 30 beds in hospital transfusion facility, blood bank, transfusion rooms, laboratory and waiting lounges.

  • Free bone marrow transplant.
  • In-hospital transfusion.
  • Medical labs.
  • Provision of blood and blood products.
  • Surgeries of affected patients.
  • Free general OPD.
  • Free medical consultation.
  • Referrals to concerned department.
  • 162 surgical procedures
  • 100 bone marrow transplants.
  • 17 liver transplants.
  • 10 kidney transplants.
  • Extension in number of centers across different cities of Pakistan.
  • To build an autonomous bone marrow transplant unit.
  • Provision of post-transplant care.