Al Qaim Foundation

Blood & Blood products Transfusion

we provide blood and blood products to patients suffering from hemoglobinpathies, hemophilia, blood cancer, CLD and CKD patients free of cost.


Bone Marrow Transplant

Al Qaim have done 100 patients bone marrow transplant free of cost. The cost of one patient is approx 61 lac.


Liver Transplant

Al Qaim foundation have done approximately 17 patients for liver transplant. The cost of one transplant is 65 lac.


Surgical Procedures

Al Qaim Foundation have done about 162 surgeries which costs from 40 thousand to 40 lacs.


Kidney Transplant

Al Qaim Foundation have helped 10 patients for kidney transplant. The approximate cost of kidney transplant is 22 lac.

Free Medication

Al Qaim Foundation provides free of cost medications needed for thalessemia, hemophilia and cancer patients.